Fallen behind: project delays

Due to illness, issues with supplies etc and snow preventing me getting my workshop this project has still not taken off yet despite setting myself a deadline to mean being Christmas to finish guitar.

In hindsight if I’d known the Alesis air was going to be so hard to find I’d have given me some more time.

However all the pieces finally are in one place so I just need to get cutting.
One change to the original plan is that a midi controller shall be inserted instead of a korg Kaoss pad. The controller is the same as the interface on the korg but can be used to control the KP2, KP3 and other midi instruments with a little bit of tweaking giving the user more options in playing.

In addition to the I have decided the first instrument shall be designed along the lines of a FenderTelecaster with a tummy cut for extra playing comfort.
Also the guitar will be painting using a technique called swirling and the colours chosen for that have been lime green and black

Keep an eye out for updates.

Thank you for your patience.

J Park

innovation inspired creativity

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